Kurt Cobain



Kurt came into this world in the year of 1967 in the town of Aberdeen. He lived along with his family and was brought to music at a very early age by his aunt.

After his mother and father got divorced, the home condition started to be more intolerable for Kurt, he was ferried between houses. He spent a lot of nights sleeping below the bridge down of his street that bridge immortalized by his song “Something in The Way”

By the age of fifteen he had actually learned to play guitar, with the support of his Aunt. He believed that his music would be his escape out of the life he hated to level of despair.Kurt moved to Seattle to stay together with Tracy Marander, long before he was famous, Tracy Marander was immortalized in his song “about a girl”. He was a very gifted artist and would delight in spending time painting or sculpting, gifting much of the work he made to Tracy.



kurt CobainKurt’s band, Nirvana, started to get a regional fans, as its eco was heard around USA and the world Kurt began to feel a lot more isolated. He couldn’t spend time with people that actually meant something to him. As his reputation grew the stress mounted, Kurt’s bodyguards and minders were constantly with him and his friends became very far, he began to despise the fame, he was a simple guy, and he sensed that the way of life he was being made to experience went versus everything he believed in and represented.


After that, Kurt met Courtney. Courtney’s love turned to be a huge element of Kurt’s life in a quite short time. Kurt’s life took a quick change. They got a home together in Seattle, got married and had a baby, Frances Cobain.

Before too long Kurt was in Rome for his birthday, and, he was meant to meet together with Courtney there. However she didn’t go to Rome. She went to London together with the lead singer of the band Smashing Pumpkins, it is claimed that they were having an affair. Still in Rome he was getting seriously depressed and overdosed on heroin. It was mentioned, by the media, to be a suicide attempt.



kurt-cobain-body-garage-suicideKurt flew to a rehabilitation center in California to heal and quit his habit. Courtney was in Paris and didn’t comment or short on the media of her partner’s overdose. Kurt called his friend Dillon and requested to find him a shot-gun. Dillon stated that he wouldn’t have got the weapon for his closest friend if he imagined at all that he was suicidal.

One day an electrician was setting up the house, to place a different security system right after Courtney had mentioned that the house was not safe enough for her little girl. Just about mid-way in his preparations he arrived at the garage area. When he wanted to get inside, it was blocked from the other side. On the ground in the middle of the garage he found a male body lying in a pool of somewhat a dry blood accompanied by a twelve gage shot-gun laying on the chest. It was the body of Kurt Cobain.




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